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Queens Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain Injury at Birth Lawyer Queens

With such a sensitive topic, our Queens brain injury lawyer handles your case with the utmost discretion, professionalism, and compassion. Basically, during a normal birth, your doctor exerts gentle pressure on your baby as the delivery process begins. Since an infant’s head is usually the first body part to enter the birth canal, it unfortunately often bears most of the impact. We know you are made aware that mild swelling and bruising are common in newborns, but excessive force can cause severe brain damage. Any type of action that restricts blood flow to a baby’s brain is careless, can also cause irreparable brain damage, and may be considered medical malpractice.

Brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose, especially when the symptoms appear gradually. A baby who may appear perfectly normal when leaving the hospital may begin to exhibit abnormal behavior once they are home. One sign that proper brain function has been compromised is if your child has trouble focusing their eyes on you or objects. Other signs that your child may be at risk include jaundiced skin, sleeping problems, breathing irregularities, feeding and weight gain problems, bad temperament, abnormal body temperature, lethargy, developmental delays, and small head size. We advise parents who notice any of these symptoms to seek medical attention immediately and consider calling our Queens brain injury lawyer.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff should be well-trained, and aware that babies are delicate and susceptible to brain injury. When the proper precautions against head trauma are not taken, a child can become severely disabled for life. Brain injuries can cause organ failure, neurological problems, paralysis, and many other devastating health problems. Effects of brain injury include cerebral palsy, paralysis, mental retardation, hearing loss, vision problems, and other sensory difficulties. If your child has been injured due to a medical professional’s wrongdoing, our experienced Queens brain injury lawyer will study your case and work hard to reveal the short and long-term effects of your child’s injury. Once our lawyer has an idea of the extent of brain damage, we can work with life care planners to estimate the cost of your child’s special needs during their lifetime.

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