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Queens Car Accident Attorney

Auto injury attorney in Queens

Queens car accident attorney

Queens car accident attorney

When you are involved in a car accident, it is typically true that your mind is occupied with remembering to exchange personal information with the other driver or drivers, assessing any damage to your vehicle, and filling out forms. If you are unfortunate enough to have been injured, or if someone else involved has been injured, there may be police and ambulances to contend with. It’s a very daunting experience, whether you are at fault or another driver was. At The Povman Law Firm, we know that the last thing that might be on your mind at that moment is protecting your legal rights. But our Queens car accident attorney wants you to keep our phone number handy, because you need to be aware of where you stand regarding the law, both civilly (and in some cases, criminally), in the aftermath of the accident.

We have been here for valued clients just like you for over 50 years. There are many complex and sometimes confusing steps that have to be considered when you have a car accident. Some of those should be taken care of right on the spot, such as getting a police report, being sure you have the other driver’s license number, insurance, and contact information. It’s also a good idea to take photos if you have a camera phone with you, or a portable camera in your car. The more documentation you have, the better off you will be, no matter what the eventual determination is, and the better it will be when you consult with our Queens car accident attorney.

You could be sued for bodily injury by the other driver, his or her passengers, or even your passengers. Insurance will pay out only to the amount you are covered for under your policy, and you can be sued directly for anything above that. Or you may have injuries, and need a professional to handle all the details for you. Just another good reason to call our Queens car accident attorney.

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