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Queens Commercial Litigation Attorney

Queens Commercial Litigation Attorney

In a nutshell, Commercial Litigation is any type of legal controversy having to do with business issues. More specific than Business Law, our Queens commercial litigation attorney at the Povman Law Firm, covers all business conflicts. Commercial Litigation covers a broad scope of areas, showing a vast range from relatively uncomplicated, simple matters, to extremely complex matters that could take many years to resolve. Litigation handled improperly can lead to added, unnecessary expenses for you and your business, and if you lose, you may be left responsible to pay a hefty damages award. In some cases, even if you are successful, the amount of time and money spent fighting may end up being more than the amount of damages you are ultimately able to collect. In addition, long drawn-out Commercial Litigation can easily have a negative impact on the day to day operations of your business. We hear all too often how some business relationships and commercial transactions go bad and end up turning into disputes that result in costly litigation. As much as private negotiations and discussions are attempted to help resolve the dispute, one party may find that Commercial Litigation is the only way to finalize the matter. Unfortunately, Commercial Litigation is often a fact of modern business life and when you find yourself faced with Commercial Litigation issues, you need the assistance of an experienced Queens commercial litigation attorney such as Morton Povman PC.

For over 50 years, our Queens commercial litigation attorney specializes in disputes with contracts, commercial closings, and construction disputes. Some other areas included under the general heading of Commercial Litigation, however, are employment disputes, class actions, business dissolution, disputes over a non-compete clause, interference with business relationships, franchise issues, shareholder issues, partnership disputes, and debt collection.

When forced to deal with sensitive legal issues, you want to be able to trust not only the attorney but the reputation. Our Queens commercial litigation attorney, the Honorable Morton Povman, served the Queens community for 30 years as New York City Councilman and was the Chairman of the Rules Committee. Having highly successful results with many high profile, media recognized cases, Mr Povman is an expert in his field and, along with his well-educated staff, will put your mind at ease regarding your Commercial Litigation.

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