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Have you been put under false arrest and are looking for council which will truly fight for you? When it comes to battling the work of your local law enforcement, finding help which will truly help you to change the tide in your legal proceedings will simply not be found by a state appointed attorney. If you have been a victim of police brutality and are looking for legal counsel that is not only on your side, but can truly make a difference, clients in need should look no further than the experienced criminal attorneys at your lawyer in Queens of the Povman Law Firm.

When it comes to your voice against the New York Police Department, it can often feel as if you are fighting a losing battle. Sadly, not everyone who wears a badge is guaranteed to be a good or bad person, but convincing a jury of this on your own can be impossible without the right help on your side. State appointed attorneys are simply not up to the task, but your lawyer in Queens at our esteemed law firm are. Our legal team will work with you to insure that you understand your rights, and will fight with you every step of the way in the matters of police brutality, shootings, and even false arrests to insure that you gain the freedom you deserve and that justice is truly made fair.

At the Povman Law Firm Moron Povman, Esq and Bruce Povman, Esq have been proudly helping clients just like yourself as your lawyer in Queens for over 50 years in situations just like the nearly impossible one you find yourself in right now. When you need a law firm who will not only take your side, but will truly make your side the one that comes out on top, take your case to the Povman Law Firm.

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