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Tenant Lawyer  in Queens

When should you call a lawyer to handle your landlord problem in Queens?

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As a tenant, many small disputes that you have with your landlord can be dealt with on your own. But when major problems arise, that’s when you should call us here at The Povman Law Firm. A lease is a legal document and it generally favors your landlord, not you. Even if you don’t have a lease, you still need to protect your legal rights and that’s what our tenant lawyer in Queens does for you.

Many problems that come up between tenants and landlords involve eviction. There are specific guidelines in New York State regarding how and when a landlord can evict you. If you have received an eviction notice and you are questioning it, this is an excellent reason to call our tenant lawyer in Queens. There are many factors that go into determining how an eviction can take place and in what time frame. You should be aware of not only what you’re entitled to, but how to make sure that you get it.

Other issues that may arise can center on repairs or improperly working equipment. You are entitled to heat during the winter months and regardless of what your lease agreement says, your landlord is at least responsible for making certain that your living space is habitable. This can cover a lot of territory, from safety concerns to plumbing to addressing problems with vermin or insects. In many cases, your landlord has an advantage over you. You can be certain that he or she is aware of their legal rights and that’s why you need to be equally knowledgeable. Plus, you always want to be sure that you are complying with the law. Don’t simply withhold rent or take any action in retribution without speaking first to our tenant lawyer in Queens. Our goal is to help you resolve matters sensibly, legally, courteously, and most definitely in your favor. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.

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